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earning extra income

"Knowing what you know now about Starbucks would you have invested 20 years ago? We aren't a coffee company, but coffee is our #1 product!  Why I love this company the most is that not only are the products the best, but you can earn income daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly and annually. We have some of the BEST incentives for earning a trip, a car, additional bonuses and more.  The IRS says money is involved when owning a business but in OG not one dime has to come out of your pocket to start and/or maintain. because you have customers! Ask how you can learn to earn and let us know how much you want to earn." Jacquelyn M. Payne
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website design

Feel free to call us at 404-539-3906
Are you in need of a website and don’t know where to begin? No More Pain in helping you with the resources you need! Our mission is to put your vision to work in order to help you reach your goals. Our websites come with MANY features to include hosting, free domain, mobile version, search engine optimization, tutorial, updates, videos, stock images, photo galleries, shopping carts, animation, sign up forms, videos, advertising, fliers, social media set up, and more. NMP Cafe’ also provides you with our delicious Organo products to enjoy.

Please complete the form below and list the best time for us to contact you. Our goal is to provide you with affordable prices, quality work, quick turn, and results. Please visit our NMP CAFE MENU for prices. All services will be written in a contract form and payments must be received prior to services rendered. 

NOTE: Design payment MUST be paid in full or two payments with an additional $25 fee. Payments MUST be maid via Cash App or PayPal with an invoice sent detailing the agreement serving as a contract. There is a 72-hour turn around period after the payment has been made and ALL materials and information have been submitted to [email protected]

Our goal is to create your vision through your website and any information shared to make that happen will assist. All images must be in a jpeg file when submitted and logos in a png file.  Thank You!
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NMP Website Double Espresso - $329.00 (See SPECIALS)
10 Page Website Design, (Up to 15 Shopping Cart Items) 1 Year Hosting, 1 Year Domain, Mobile Version, SEO/MetaTags, 3 Month Updates, 3 Month Ads, 1 Stock Image, 10 Fliers, 1 SM Banner, 1 Box of Organo w Labels FREE, Tutorial Support FREE

NMP Webpage Espresso - $199.00 (see specials)
3 Page Website Design, (Up to 3 Shopping Cart Items) 1 Year Hosting, 1 Year Domain, SEO/MetaTags, 3 Month Updates, 3 Month Ads, 1 Flier, 1 Box of Organo w/Labels FREE, Tutorial Support FREE

NMP Web Update Long Macchiato - $199.00
1 Year of Website Design Updates,  1 Year Hosting, 1 Year Domain, 12 Month Updates, 12 Month Ads, 10 Fliers, 1 Box of Organo w/Labels FREE, Tutorial Support FREE

NMP Web Update Short Macchiato - $139.00
6 Months of Website Design Updates, 6 Month Advertising 3 Fliers, 1 Box of Organo w/Personalized Labels FREE, Tutorial Support FREE (*NOTE: Client Pays Hosting and Domain)