Our Homeless

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by purchasing from our NMP Kids Organo website. We also have sampler sizes and accept donations.



Call the Hypothermia Hotline - Let the hotline know where you see homeless people and let homeless people know where they need to go. Some struggle with mental illness so be aware and be patient as they may or may not understand what you are saying.

Give Warm Winter Clothes – Imagine living on the streets, cold, hot, with dirty clothes. Go to Goodwill type stores and collect items year round. Blankets, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, bags, etc. Also, some warm cocoa in a travel mug is a great idea. NMP Kids has done that service. 

Donate to Shelters - Shelters and homeless outreach programs are busiest during the winter months. More people are coming in for meals, referral services, clothing, and shelter. You can support by making a financial and/or nonperishable donation. 

Volunteer - With an increase in clients, social service staff can become overwhelmed in the winter. Even signing up for one volunteer shift a month at a shelter or kitchen can make it easier for the staff to see more clients.

Be Kind – Simply give a smile and say hello! – You will never know how a few simple words and a smile can make someone’s day.

If you have questions or would like to contribute call 404-539-3906
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