Our Animal Shelter Project

NMP Kids is very fond of animals especially dogs and supports the Douglasville  GA Animal Shelter

Ways to Support Your Local Animal Shelter

  • Hang up flyers for upcoming adoption events
  • Share adoption profiles on social media timeline
  • Transport animals 
  • Walk and pet the animals
  • Donate wish list items food, toys, bedding, litter, crates cleaning supplies, etc.
  • Call businesses or friends to see if they will donate supplies that shelters need.
  • Volunteer to take a dog to obedience class.
  • Website designers: Shelters need to constantly update their websites.
  • Writers: Shelters do a lot of writing. They need adoption profiles for each pet.
  • Photographers: High-quality photos for adoption profiles
  • Your birthday: Birthdays are the perfect way to gather donations for a shelter.
  • At work: Put up a glass jar with a sign and send out an email to co-workers asking for donations.
  • At school: Have a school classroom or group project with the shelter. Have a fundraiser!
  • Stop by, say thanks and give the workers something special like... COFFEE, TEA & COCOA
  • Foster an animal and adopt you a new friend.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS EMAIL US AT [email protected] or call 404-539-3906

NMP Kids supports the Douglasville Animal Shelter 
by purchasing from our  NMP Kids Organo website. We also have sampler sizes and accept donations.

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