NMP Kids

Kid Entrepreneurs Need Nuturing Young

NMP Kids was created for our son Kenneth Payne Jr. (K.E.N.N.Y) Kid Entrepreneurs Need Nurturing in 2005 who is now the president.

He markets gourmet Organo cocoa and other OG Products to help fund his Give Back Program to include survival packs to the homeless, Cocoa Kid Parties for deserving kids that are so much fun and he does them for birthdays parties. With a little help from him mom of course.   

Organo™ Gourmet Hot Cocoa provides a delicious chocolate flavor with organic Ganoderma lucidum. Comfort and warmth in a cup that the whole family can enjoy. Enjoy hot or iced cold with many fun and delicious toppings. 

Kids ages 9-15 meet business owners in Metro Atlanta in the Next Millionaire Program which is very educational.

For more info call 404-539-3906 or complete the information below. We are also on Facebook!  


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