About NMP
NMP Information Services is the parent company of NMP Blog – Sip For Thought, NMP Business Pages, NMP C.A.F.E. NMP Coffee Shop and NMP Income, NMP Kids, NMP S.I.S.T.A.H., NMP Shops, and NMP Wellness located in the dynamic city of Douglasville, GA.   

Jacquelyn Moore Payne is the founder, president and operations manager. She is a native of Knoxville, TN and a graduate of the University of Tenn.  Her career focused on Child and Family Studies as well as marketing & Sales. 

Kenneth Payne Sr. is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is the Vice President of NMP Information Services and was a graduate of Knoxville College. ​ He is currently a supervisor in health services.

Kenneth Payne Jr. was born in Austell, GA and is the President of NMP Kids (K.E.N.N.Y.) Kid Entrepreneurs Need Nurturing Young and will soon add NMP Teens.

“No More Pain in helping you find the services you need.”  Servicing communities since 1999

For more info call Jacquelyn  at 404-539-3906 or email nmpinformationservices@gmail.com