About Me
Jacquelyn M. Payne
Hello! Hello! I am so excited about my new blog “Sip For Thought!  A few friends have been calling me a blogger for a while, but I never thought that.  I have always had an opinion on various conroversial topics and have never been afraid to voice my opinion. I tend to add a little sarcasm humor twist to my comments and some love it and some don’t. Some will comment and some won’t!  One thing for sure people are watching, learning, laughing and crying!

Since I’m celebrating my 55th birthbornday, what a better time to officially start my blog because tomorrow isn’t promised and I do have a somethings to share that I pray will help others have No More Pain! An revised appropriate quote would be “Most times you have to laugh to keep from crying” which seems to be the story of my life. I ‘ve said when I write my book it will be borderline satire, drama, action, horror, romance, mystery, self help, comedy at it’s best and psi phi!  I mean sci fi! (side joke- lol) I never knew how much life can change.
  • Who knew I would fall in love with my college friend and get married 22 years later?
  • Who knew I would move from Knoxville, TN for the first time ever and a month later find out that my mom had a terminal illness?
  • Who knew the next month I would give birth to my beautiful son at age 41?
  • Who knew my son would have ways like my dad and at 4 conversate with him but my dad died 8 months prior to his birth?
  • Who knew that my son would be my angel, my joy, my ….. (our lil funny secret)? 
  • Who knew we would foreclose on our home, move into an apt, rent a house on my vision board, and be blessed with a bigger better home 6 years later?
  • Who knew that life brings many obstacles but the victor is for those who don’t quit?  
  • Who knew I would have another black lab that I would love as much as my first one?  
  • Who knew that I would learn that many life stories told was a lie and I would have to elevate my third eye?  
  • Who knew that so many people that I have loved and admired over the years would transition and some so young?
  • Who knew that grieving would be so hard but I would overcome cherishing memories with a little humor? 
  • Who knew that I would have so many Who Knews and there are many more? 
  • I know who knew! Nothing but God!

Calling all COFFEE, COCOA and TEA lovers! Not only will my blog be entertaining but I will share delicious gourmet coffee and tea recipes from the sponsors of my blog NMPCoffeeShop.com  How cool is that?  So let me share a little about background about myself. 

I grew up in Knoxville, TN with both parents.  I was an only child who always had a dog and was involved in many activities.  I graduated from Holston High School and the University of Tennessee. My field and major was Child and Family Studies and later got involved in Marketing and Sales. I live in Douglasville, GA with my 3 K’s. Kenneth Sr., Kenneth Jr., and Koffee! Enjoy my life’s journey in my blog.  Email me at NMPSipForThought@gmail.com or call 404-539-3906